Digital Ultrasound System (Model-LPM-802)

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  • Two Connectors. Digital signal image technology. Scnning Model : Convex, Micro Convex and Linear Array. 17 multi-section and dynamic focusing. Emission focus of near-field, near & central field, central & far field and far field selectable to get optimized resolution. 10″ inch VGA Monitor. Optical Trace Ball. Voltage and current surge Procter Gray scale : 256 Depth scope : 0-200mm Body mark : 16 Pal Video Output and output for Printer Colour Output in external monitor. OB/GYN software package and cardiac software package Character input/display : magnification, time, date, frequency, Patient’s ID age, sex and automatically pregnancy calculation. B,B/B,B/M,M 32 image permenent image storage. 120 cine loop memory. Amplification: 1.0,1.2,1.5,2.0 Security :GB10I52-1997 :GB9706.1-1995 National Ultrasound Equipment Security Standard.
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Digital Ultrasound System

Model-LPM-802Digital Ultrasound System..


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