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Auto CPAP machine (LPM 201)

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Product Description

Auto CPAP machine

LPM 201Life Plus CPAP machine (sleep apnea treatment devices ) are designed to give you a more natural breathing experience, offering whisper-quiet therapy and user-friendly technology to enhance your comfort and ease of use.

It is a CE certified  product with working modes like CPAP, CPAP+ERP,Auto CPAP & titration mode. One touch botton makes the entire parameter operation easy to use. Customised germen motor and special sound insulation material makes very low noise .

It comes with a Heated Humidifier for which can help ensure that your sleep therapy is free from dryness, nasal congestion, mouth leak and more.

It is designed to update you the realtime sleep report and record the data in the in-Build SD card for making report.

Life Plus products are known for their innovative, lightweight designs and top-tier technology, offering you more comfortable sleep apnea therapy.



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